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A. Lee Ripley - Sci-Fi Author


Welcome to my humble corner of the interweb! My name is Angela and I write sci-fi under the name A. Lee Ripley.

My main influences in writing are Kim Harrison's The Hollows urban fantasy series (such a fan of foul-mouthed pixies!), and Tanya Huff's Confederation military sci-fi series. Of course, being urban sci-fi, my writing falls squarely in neither of those particular sub-genres, instead falling somewhere nebulously between the two. ;)  Still, if you're looking for a fast-paced sci-fi tale featuring a strong, quirky, female lead (with a questionable past), then read on, my friends. Read on.

My Sci Fi Life


MySciFiLife is a blog that is focused predominantly on my writing. It includes updates on my book, useful author resources I've found along the way, lessons learned (ie: techniques and tools I found helpful vs the mistakes I REALLY wish someone had warned me about), as well as guest interviews with fellow authors and other professionals in the writing field.

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Eve Unknown

What I'm Writing


EVE UNKNOWN is an urban sci-fi whodunnit where even the main character isn't sure if she's guilty or not.

Eve has been serving a life sentence since her last death. Born with no name, no memories, and no status, she must uncover the truth about her past crimes before the Ministry finds her, erases her memories, and kills her all over again.

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A. Lee Ripley

About Me

A. Lee Ripley is an author hailing from Halifax, Canada. She received her Bachelors in Computer Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, in Kingston, Ontario. When she's not writing, Angela is either watching or reading sci-fi, building complex alien cosplay for her eldest, or on a hair-raising adventure that includes either mud, obstacles, heights, speed, or (preferably) all of the above.